Stephen Batchelor & Martine Batchelor - SA - February 2014

As part of their Australian Tour in 2014, Ashtree Sangha is hosting renowned Buddhist teachers, authors and practitioners, Stephen Batchelor and Martine Batchelor, who will visit Adelaide for the very first time from 6th-9th February 2014.

Thursday 6 February - 7-9pm
Martine Batchelor - Meditation and Mindfulness: the same or different?

Friday 7 February pm
Stephen Batchelor will participate, with Professor Graham Meadows and Dr Maura Kenny, in a discussion about mindfulness and meditation from scientific and spiritual perspectives and their clinical applications.

Saturday 8 February - 10am–4pm
Martine Batchelor - Meditation for Daily Living

Sunday 9 February - 10am–4pm
Stephen Batchelor - Embrace Life: An Introduction to the Practice of Secular Buddhism

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Member News : Posted by Ashtree Sangha
Vesak Message from the Prime Minister

Message from Prime Minister Julia Gillard


It is with great pleasure that I send my best wishes to everyone celebrating Vesak across Australia this year.

Vesak is of global importance to the Buddhist community as it gathers to commemorate Gautama Buddha and contemplate his message of compassion and goodwill.

This occasion also offers a time for reflection and the opportunity for all to learn from the teachings of equality, respect and understanding that are such a rich part of Buddhism.

The world is increasingly interdependent and complex, and we are more connected to one another than at any point in history. It is increasingly important that tolerance, non-violence and diligence – Buddhist values – are demonstrated in all of our relationships within local and global communities.

In Australia, the Buddhist community has done much to shape the strong and resilient multicultural nation we enjoy today; a nation that celebrates all backgrounds, cultures, customs and religions and ties our society with the region and world around us.

With these thoughts in mind I send my warmest regards to all those celebrating Vesak and may this be a time of peace and blessing for you all.

The Honourable Julia Gillard
Prime Minister of Australia
Vesak Message from Prime Minister

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Buddhist Groups of South Australia Unite

We encourage all Buddhist congregations to become members of the
BCSA baner
The Buddhist Council of South Australia promotes the teachings of Buddha in our region.

The council serves as a primary contact for government, media,
inter-faith, and other-faith co-operation and exchange.

BCSA logo

By offering the broader community a clear point of contact
with the South Australian Buddhist community the
council expedite the Buddhist input which government
and non-government organisations actively seek.

Become a Member of the Buddhist Council

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Annual Report from the Chair

Annual General Meeting 25 February 2012 Buddhist Council of Australia

[Venerable Ladies and Gentlemen and] Representatives and guests:
I move that the annual report of the Chair to the Buddhist Council of South Australia by received.

It gives me great pleasure to present the annual report from the Chair of the Buddhist Council of South Australia to the Annual General Meeting, today 25th February, 2012.

In some ways we have had a difficult year. As is the case for all voluntary organisations these days, our individual enthusiasm has been tempered by other commitments to family and society. Nevertheless we successfully convened three worthwhile and productive meetings.

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